The Dottling Luxury Cigar & Watch Safe


The Dottling Luxury Cigar & Watch Safe: The Humidor

Dottling has recently unveiled their first tabletop humidor. The numerous clients’ requests opened up an opportunity for the company to create a tabletop version with special features. The new humidor has craftsmanship to ensure the freshness of cigars

Dottling started off as a locksmiths shop in Sindelfinger, but today, they are the manufacturer of the world’s finest luxury safes. After supplying a series of luxury watch winders, functional accessories, and luxury safes, the company has launched its first desktop humidor. The Humidor that they have introduced to the market is more than just a box with a lid for it is crafted beautifully by expert craftsman.

But of course, the beautiful cigar box is not just crafted to look good on the table but also made to perfectly store and lock in the freshness of the cigars. So, Dottling has fitted it with Cigarspa mechanism. The humidifier is the heart of every humidor, so fitting it with the best Cigarspa mechanism is just right. Best of all, the mechanism was perfectly integrated into the drawer. The mechanism performance can easily be monitored and displayed on the thermometer, barometer and hygrometer crafted from stainless steel.

The Humidor is made using the finest materials like high-quality calf-skin that can be complimented or alternated with high gloss varnish or wood, upon request. The storage box is also expertly crafted with a keen focus on every detail. For example, the inside interior is made of solid Spanish cedar and then fitted with LED spotlights that showcased dramatically the finest tobacco. Gentlemen are always proud of their cigars and a spotlight can definitely highlight them. Additionally, the humidor is easy to open, unlike the common humidors that can only be opened by pulling the hinged flap lid. The Dottling humidor can be open by simply pulling up the drawers.

Aside from cigars, the storage box has also been configured as storage for watches. So, you can store your Dominicans or Cubans cigar as well as luxury watches. That is right! It can be used also for retaining the shape of your luxury watches not just your favorite cigars.

The multi-purpose safe is exquisitely designed so it is not surprising that it is also pricey. Dottling tabletop humidor will cost you 12,000 Euros or £11,000.

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