The Unique URWERK & Macallan Flask can hold 2 of your favourite Whisky’s



The Unique Macallan x URWERK Flask can hold 2 of your favourite Whisky’s

High-end watchmaker Urwerk and the scotch experts over at Macallan teamed up for a truly unique whiskey flask that impresses from both a functional point of view and a visual one. The product was created using more than 150 parts, which were manufactured from durable materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum.


There are two separate titanium tanks inside, which can be used to store two different whiskeys at once. This definitely adds a touch of versatility, which is quite welcome as conventional flask designs only accommodate a single drink at a time. We should also mention the set of winglets that allow the flask to stand up on its own, as well as the cask indicators that keep track of the whiskey’s age and cask type. The flask is limited to just 500 units, each priced at £2500.

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