£14,000 Ferrari Ultra Light Road Bike.


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£14,000 Ferrari Ultra Light Road Bike.

Are you looking to own the ultimate road bike? This could be what you have been searching for, the price maybe isn’t what you have been searching for but I’m sure you will love the bike! A Ferrari and Bianchi collaboration resulting in the ultimate road bike.

Ferrari and Bianchi, Italy’s two of the most iconic brands, joined forces for the first time in history and announced their partnership in July this year. Their collaboration has spawned the first bicycle, named “SF01,” which was recently unveiled at the Eurobike trade show in Germany. Based on Bianchi Speciallisima, it is a road racing bike with a 780-gram frame made entirely out of carbon fiber and built with Bianchi’s Countervail vibration cancelling technology. The system is able to eliminate as much as 80 percent of all vibrations to ensure a smooth ride.

The SF01’s frames are hand-painted in Italy and combines Ferrari’s original colors: “Rosso Corse” and “Nero Setoso.” In addition to that, the bike’s saddle is also made out of carbon, which weighs in at just 94 grams (3.3 ounces) and takes advantage of the same type of carbon Ferrari uses for the seat in its F1 car. The carbon wheels featuring Ferrari graphic weigh 1,420 grams (3.1 pounds) each and come with Pirelli P Zero tires. The Bianchi SF01 will go on sale starting November with a price-tag of €15,000). ( just under £14,000 )

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