Remember The Hover Board from back to the future 2? well check this out!!!



Remember The Hover Board from back to the future 2? well check this out!

The Self Balancing Air board!

Have you the seen the Segway? Have you seen The Hoverboards on Back to the future 2? Well this is a cross between the two!

The Latest Craze to hit 2016!  Electric self balancing Air boards ( mini segways ) A great way to have a bit of fun and believe it or not they are not a bad method of transport for shorter journeys, After spending most of this week playing on one i must say i am rather impressed with it, Its quiet an impressive piece of kit! Touch pad sensitive you lean and it goes in that direction, it has built in gyroscopes for self balancing making it very hard to tip it over, once you get over the natural first few minutes of it not tipping over like you expect it to you seen build up the confidence to lean in to it and away you go, it has 360 drive rotation in both directions. The Blue leds on the front light up when


Im going to borrow the office one but i suggest taking a closer look yourself, its an intriguing new piece of technology, loads of fun and a great way to enter in to the segway world at a fraction of the price, hours of fun and i can see these really taking off now and in the future as a method for quick local transport.

About the Mini Electric AirBoards

The future is here! well almost! The latest Big Boys Toy and possibly gadget of the year, the 2 wheeled self balancing air board is not only incredibly fun but a great means of transport around the house or between localities, Very easy to master.

Ever since Back to The Future 2 we have yearned for a life when popping down to the local shops meant jumping on a hover board. Sadly we’re still not quite there, however the awesome Airwheel Airboard is the closest thing we seen yet! This transportation device allows you to effortlessly travel from A to B with minimum effort.

Standing up straight with a touch of leaning here and there is all there is to it. The pressure sensitive pads pick up on how your weight is being transferred and the Airboard does the rest. Lean in the direction you wish to go just by pushing your toes down and you’re off! Full 360 degree turning and self balancing technology mean that its super easy to ride and you’ll be surprised just how quickly you pick it up. The board is extremely durable and the rubber wheels mean there is zero chance of a puncture.

The top speed is an impressive 8 MPH and the distance this marvel of technology will travel is between 7-9 miles. It’s fairly weighty at 10kg but that goes to prove the excellent build quality. Once your fun has ended it takes a mere 60mins before you can hop back on!


AIrBoard Features

Futuristic transportation
Very easy to learn
Self balancing technology
Pressure sensitive board
Durable design
Waterproof (IP54)
360 degree turning
Speeds of upto 8MPH
7-9 miles distance
Weighs 10kg
60min charge time

available in various colours you can get them while they last from or by clicking here