15 Year Old Foot Baller Crashes His New Aston Martin



15 Year Old Foot Baller Crashes His New Aston Martin

Im surprised by the head line but I’m not surprised that a 15 year old with an aston martin happened to crash it, at that age with  immaturity, money friends and girls added in to the equation i think i myself  would have probably crashed before the within 10 seconds of putting the key in the ignition and hitting the start button so i think this lad has had actually don’t pretty well! Jokes aside though…

Konstantin P is a 15 year goalkeeper for the Zenith-84 football club. One of the perks of the job is a rather nice wage so the footballer, who does not yet have a driving licence, gave himself a New Year gift in the form of an Aston Martin. A  must have for any foot ball player is a nice car and aston martin as an obvious choice.


Just three days after his new purchase, the footballer took the car for a spin only to end up in the middle of an accident before fleeing the scene. Konstantin approached the press stating that he fled the scene owing to not holding a driving licence, and the fault of the crash lying with the other driver in a Volkswagen Touareg. Konstantin claimed that the car was a gift from his father and that he was only driving 25-30mph at the time. Thats a hefty collision for only 25 mph but I’m not an accident investigator.

The previous owner of the Aston Martin in question has come out to say that Konstantin met with him bringing along two other teenagers dressed in uniforms bearing the FC Zenith emblem, before paying in full with cash and asking to leave the car in the city centre. (You’re probably thinking, why on earth would you sell a car to an unlicensed 15 year old!?)


We are glad that no one was hurt in the incident but the footballer is now facing several charges for his part. From the photos it looks like the Aston was hit from the side, so either the other car actually was at fault or the 15 year old decided to cross the intersection without looking. Hopefully Konstantin understands why you need a licence to drive a car now, but if he’s that young and already getting paid that much I’m sure it wont be long before he back on the road again. 15 year olds + Aston Martins + large amounts of wages = probably what most lads his age would of done. What do you think?

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