The uk Police Add Arial Atom To their Fleet of “Crime” Deterrents.


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The uk Police Add an Arial Atom To their Fleet of  “Crime” Deterrents.

Of all the cars in all the world the absolute last car i thought i would see the uk police driving was an ariel atom, but i guess the more you think about it the more it makes sense for motorway situations, cars are getting faster and faster and rich kids are getting younger and younger. the combination of youth and money = super cars at break neck speeds! Now I’m not saying there the only ones but you get the point, i love fast cars i love going fast, but at the same time i have kids and i don’t think its clever doing a 150 mph down the motorway even if you do drive a car that does it with ease so i guess in that scenario this is a much needed addition to the uk police force and if anything a couple more wouldn’t be a silly idea. Other than the average fighter jet there are very few things on the planet that have the capabilities to make a mockery of the ariel atom. Its basically a Jet engine with a seat and some wheels, Im not sure it even has a windscreen with out checking? anyway an absolute bloody weapon it is anyway!

Police around the world in different ways trying to stop the drivers that not only exceed the speed limit, but they drive so fast that a standard patrol vehicles are no longer sufficient. In the police fleets we can often see an expensive sports cars of world-class manufacturers. The best example of this is Dubai, where local police drive Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini. However, something interesting example comes to us from the south of England, where police in their ranks introduces a completely different car.

It is a model of “Ariel Atom“, which, unlike the precious pretty cars, brings a minimalist philosophy in its appearance. However, this does not apply to its speed. This ultra-lightweight car, that recalls on the Formula 1, has the engine that provides 350Hp, enabling acceleration from zero to 60mph in just 2.6 seconds, which casts the shadow on every sports car. In addition, this car has a fluorescent surface for light reflection, as well as the classic blue flashing lights and sirens. The police “Ariel” will be used to promote road safety, especially among motorcyclists.

Work Like a Boss, Police like a Boss?