AEROBOAT.. The Ultimate Playboys Toy


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A new, British-built ‘day boat’ will go on display during an exclusive event at the Hurlingham Club in London on July 16, boasting a beautifully reconditioned Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 engine that once powered a Supermarine Spitfire.  Elements from the Spitfire will feature throughout the boat’s design, including an authentic air intake scoop, switchgear modelled on that of the vintage aircraft and shock-mounted forward seats that are a nod to the plane’s landing gear.

Only 10 of the new Aeroboat super yacht’s the ultimate playboy’s toy will be built and one could be yours for a mere £3million. Key to the design is the renowned, original Rolls-Royce Merlin engine that powers the Aeroboat. The supercharged Merlin V12 engine, with bespoke gearbox and final drive, can achieve speeds of over 50 knots making this a refined yet stylish way of travelling. The Merlin V12 engine was designed more than 80 years ago and has been installed in many leading aircraft. Its power output varies between 1,100 horse-power and 2,500 horse-power equivalent to up to 25 Ford Fiestas!

The stunning Aeroboat will be custom ordered by well-heeled individuals but Claydon Reeves the design studios behind the project will begin the construction process using swathes of locally sourced Kevlar, carbon fibre and lightweight wood veneers to create the basic shell. Claydon Reeves is also making owning a bespoke yacht, tailored to the owner’s needs. At a cost of £2m – £3m, the Aeroboat is an entry-level yacht for those seeking a fast, stylish day boat to explore a coastline or for more experienced owners wanting a sleek tender for a super yacht. It can comfortably hold up to seven passengers. Below deck, the forward cabin includes a double berth and a small bathroom. Just perfect for anyone wanting to breakfast in St. Tropez, lunch in Antibes or to dine at night in Monaco!

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