The Top 5 Best Investment Watch Brands.


Best investment Luxury watches

If you are a huge fan of luxury watches and are planning on spending a lot of money on a designer watch for something other than just the instant gratification of owning a beautiful fashion accessory, then you should read this first, choose the right brand and it could be a great investment rather than an expensive piece of metal that will soon to be dated.

Here is a list of the top 5 Brands advised for investment purposes and have the best track record for holding and or even increasing in value

Patek Philippe
This Swiss watch is the masterpiece, the jewel in the collection of any knowledgeable collector. A Patek Philippe watch will cost the most but you can be assured that it will definitely stay as valuable as when you bought it, if not more. Certain rare models can cost as much as a million dollars, but there are plenty in the $5,000 to $10,000 range that can be a great investment to pass on to your children, loan against, or sell quickly, in a pinch.
Most known and popular watch in the world, this Swiss watch’s name is synonymous with success. A Rolex watch will be the easiest one to loan against or sell, because it is so well-known and always in demand.

Audemars Piguet
Another Swiss watch that is very well-known in the luxury market, an Audermars Piguet timepiece can cost a few thousand up to tens of thousands of dollars. Like the Rolex watches, most models of Audemars Piguet are very good resale pieces.

This French designer is renowned for its fashion icon status but also its classic watches for men and women. Unlike other fashion designer watches, the Cartier watches are known for keeping their purchase value. Be aware that the most recent models are usually in bigger demand than the previous decades’, or sometimes discontinued models, which don’t depreciate as well.

Vacheron Constantin
This is another collector’s favorite though not quite as known by the general public as the previous brand-names. This Swiss watchmaker’s pieces start at around $3,000 for regular models, but some rare Vacheron Constantine watches can be sold for tens of thousands of dollars to the right connoisseur.
When you want your fine watches to keep their purchase value through time, these are the names to keep in mind!

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