The King of Luxury Golf Carts. The Garia Mansory Edition.


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The King of Luxury Golf Carts. The Garia Mansory Edition.

Have you ever been driving across the green after a long week and thought i wish my buggy had that extra touch? Well now you can not only get that extra touch but be the boss of the greens in these luxury Garia golf carts customised by the famous kings of custom Mansory

These are at the very high end of custom and bespoke golf carts but personally i would love one, i love golf, i love luxury i love carbon fibre and i am a huge Mansory fan so i would love one as i imagine many of us would even if they are a little out of the average golfers budget being more expensive than the average family car, but we can all dream.

Available in a variety of colours, styles and with unlimited customisation options the Mansory Garia Golf Cart is definitely the Boss of Golf Carts.

arbon fiber expands as far as the eye can see. Normally this ultra-light and high-strength material is used only in the motor sports or spacecraft industries. However, for this exclusive edition of the Garia, MANSORY and Garia also chose to use this material, baked in the autoclave-prepreg procedure. Inspired by super-sports cars, the customization specialists have designed precisely fitting body components for a fascinating look. As components of the strong body kits, MANSORY redesigned the front apron, the side steps and the tail apron with diffuser optics and rear fenders. Specially designed headlights, air scoops and fender gills complete this unique and complex transformation.

Features of the Garia Mansory Edition include a refrigerator built into the dashboard. Its teak-lined legroom, carbon veneers, custom-sewn seats and aluminum leather-covered steering wheel complete this special edition of the luxury golf car.

Garia and MANSORY is a strong and competent alliance: both companies are recognized in their respective fields for their technical capabilities, uncompromising quality standards and for always using the best and finest materials for their cutting-edge design.

Kourosh Mansory, owner of MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH, says: “Luxurious upper class sedans and lightning-fast super sports cars are our passion – so the Garia is a logical addition to our portfolio, because like the rest of our products the Garia sets the bench mark in its industry.”
The Garia is built in the same factory as the Porsche Boxster and Cayman with close technical proximity to passenger cars including a double wishbone front suspension, a sporty and dynamic design and a large cabin providing a car-like driving position.

Work Like A Boss, Live Like A Boss.