Lamborghini Aventador Super Car Crash London uk 2014


Lamborghini Aventador Super Car Crash London uk 2014.

Some incredibly unluckily Lamborghini driver this month has his pride and joy shattered in a matter of second by a  Mazda driver paying to much attention or not enough attention to whats going on around, as you can see from the video a little grey mazda pull’s right out in to the path of the lamborhgini, Whether the driver of the lamborghini might of being going a little to fast i don’t know but looking at the video the lamborghini can’t of being going fast enough for the mazda driver not to see them at that distance, just to add to it the lamrborghini then goes on to hit a nissan and another Bmw 3 series probably causing about £75,000-£100,000 in damage,  either way if that was me, it would of certainly taken the jam out my doughnut. what can you do, thats life i guess! Upwards and onwards!

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