Have you ever wanted to own an Exotic Pet? Check out these Wealthy & Privileged Exotic Pets & Owners..


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Whether you like Exotic Cats, Exotic Snakes, Exotic Reptiles and lizards exotic fish, monkeys or what ever other incredibly dangerous and or yet amazing animal you would love to own, owning exotic Pets have been around since the dawn of time but it seems the craze is taking off again, from once was constant cars, fashion and property pictures our inbox is increasingly receiving more and more pictures of exotic pets with their owners and or other expensive and luxury items.

As lovely and as i am hopefully sure all these pets are kept and looked after to a standard that us mere mortals could only dream of, some people are completely against the keeping of exotic pets outside of their natural habitat, which ever side of the fence you sit on just bare in the mind we are just sharing the photos owners and fans have sent in and we believe all the animals in the photos are treat with the upmost of care.

Personally i think as long as you are willing to spend the really money that it takes to care for these animals and replicate their natural habitat that pets can love there owners as much as owners love there pets, no matter the type of animal.

If you want to join the club and own a luxury animal, before you get to excited and start thinking you have a big garden, a good friend of mine owns a few luxury cats, and according to him to PROPERLY and professionally look after such animals with professional staff you are looking at around £250,000 per cat per year. Minimum.

However if you are one of the lucky that doesn’t have to consider the money then i say why not but i definitely advise visiting and speaking to some one who already has an exotic animal to understand what it truly entails, Time is as important as money.

If you have an exotic pet or animal and wan us to publish your photo please send it to us at info@bossluxury.com

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