Maybach 57S Luxury upgrade Pack From Knight Luxury Costing $1million!


Maybach 57S Luxury upgrade Pack From Knight Luxury Costing $1million!

Knight Luxury, a luxury bespoke conversion company based in Miami claims that it was the Maybach’s unsophisticated design which resulted in the brand’s failure and furthermore believe that they can with their “Sir-Maybach-Project” show that Maybach is actually a very attractive car, but it will however cost you a million dollars on top of the approx $500,000 dollars to purchase the car.

As a basis for the “Sir Maybach” project, a Maybach Type 57S was used. To give a new face to the car, a new sportier front and rear apron was designed with front LED daytime running lights and an integrated carbon diffuser in the rear. Bonnet and boot lid are made from ultra-lightweight, high-strength, but also outrageously expensive carbon material. Equally the A-, B-and C-pillars, all four wings and all doors. Tailgate and rear window are additionally provided with a special spoiler. The engine cover and air filter boxes are also made in carbon fibre.


The Maybachs ultra sheek wheels are made up of a three-piece 24-inch wheel which demand huge respect alone, the front and rear in 9.5 x24 to 10×24 inches, had to undergo a special treatment. The wheel rim stars are carbon-finished and painted, while the wheel beds are black powder coated. They are then wrapped around Pirelli 285/30 R24 tires.


An underbody lighting consisting of ten LEDs puts the vehicle especially in the dark perfectly in the lime light. Four projectors let the Knight logo appear on the ground when you open any door. Diamond stitching can be found inside of the doors, foot space and the doors sills. Even the trunk is covered in leather with carbon diamond stitching and embroidered logo. The headliner is also covered in leather besides carbon leather strips with diamond stitching Alcantara.

The Rear quarters have been totally recovered in custom stitched diamond leather with knight logos in each seat, the centre consoles replaced with carbon fibre. Gadget wise…the list is to long.


You can also find an Apple TV module system, Apple Keyboard and couple of iPads inside the car as part of the package’s rear inbuilt entertainment system. The upgraded car will also come with a GPS tracking module, mobile LTE connectivity support and a dashboard camera with full wifi support. A mobile office and entertainment system that could rival most apple stores.

This is unique piece from the worlds masters. If you are uk based and would like a quote for a custom vehicle or conversion to your own vehicle then contact

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