Diamond iPhone 5s by Bossluxury

Diamond  iphone 5s

Diamond iphone 5s

Diamond iphone 5s anyone?

If you have got the money… then why not? Thats what one Customer in Sweden decided anyway! The iPhone 5 is arguably the best phone available anyway but this particular customer wanted to make sure HE had the best iphone, and what better than an iPhone covered in the most valuable gemstone on the planet! Many people would argue the money could be better spent but many others would also say “you only live once” and you cant argue with that.

We have had a lot of interest from other people since creating this custom piece which carrie 10.ct of white diamonds that are individually hand set. However we appreciate this isn’t in everyones price bracket we do also offer the next best thing: iPhone 5s crystal edition which although is steal more than a standard iPhone, at £1499.99 it still has that bespoke and luxurious custom feel and weight you would expect, besides from experience very few people can actually tell the difference between genuine and synthetic diamonds. Either way if you are interested in a luxury iPhone from Bossluxury or want your existing iPhone converting contact us at info@bossluxury.com or check out our luxury mobile phone,s and accessories. range.


We also offer and commission a vast variety of luxury and bespoke luxury electronics such as hifi systems, incur entertainment, luxury iPads, gold and diamond MacBooks and iMacs. Check out our site or Gallerys for examples.

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