Charlie Noble Hand Made Bat & Ball – American Quality Meets English Craftsmanship


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“Charlie Noble Hand Made Bat & Ball – American Quality Meets English Craftsmanship”

Bossluxury have recently started with a london based firm and designer by the name of “Charlie Noble” Charlie is a big fan of Quality and perfection, we at Bossluxury appreciate that a lot.

One of Charlie Nobles latest Creations is his authentic hand made Classic luxury Bat & Ball for outdoor or indoor games and enjoyment. Below is a bit about Charlie Noble and his Creation.

The Charlie Noble Bat & Ball

“Hand Made Luxury Bat & Ball”

The Heritige

Starting life the other side of the pond, the sustainably grown American walnut and Canadian maple set sail for Old Blighty. The woods are planed down with great accuracy and bonded together. At this point it’s evident the contrasting colours and grains are going to look breathtaking but they aren’t quite there, yet.

Once bonded together the woods are shaped and sanded down giving them a smoother finish. Then our carpenter gets his well tuned hands on them, branding them, attaching the handles, further sanding them to bring out the natural beauty of the woods. Finally the bats are varnished. The varnish protects the bats from the elements, be it sun, sea, sand or marathon bat and ball session with good friends in the park on an afternoon. Each bat will be different from the next, the grains will run in slightly different directions, some with notches, some with deeper darker markings, one thing is for sure, the maple and walnut look incredible.

Item Description

These bats are made in the UK out of American maple and American walnut. The two hardwoods are beautiful and naturally strong, with a varnish to protect them from the elements. A stunning pair of bats worthy of being played with by the most glamorous ladies and gents.
The ball is made by the last of the English ball makers. You will be safe in the knowledge this happy pair was made just for you as you hit it between G & Ts.

Dimensions:  36 cm long and 18.5 cm wide (at it’s widest point). The handle is 13.5 cm long.

Charlie’s Philosophy

Stylish, fun and robustly British sum up the philosophy at Charlie Noble.

A mid-19th Century merchant captain, Charlie Noble was a great British eccentric, fiercely proud and ebullient. Captain Noble insisted that his crew rise early every day to polish the ship’s copper smokestack so everyone knew when Captain Noble had entered the port. It is from this rather eccentric act a nautical legend was born.

The essence of Charlie Noble’s spirit and assiduous attention to detail is reflected in our company philosophy. Our products combine a traditional charming character with a stylish contemporary twist drawing from a wealth of British craftsmanship and manufacturing knowledge.

We have curious minds when it comes to the supply chain here at Charlie Noble. We want to know where the materials come from, how the products are made and importantly who makes them. We are lucky enough to work with some incredibly resourceful and creative people and of course some are more eccentric than others.

Item is in Limited Numbers and are available online from Bossluxury Services