NEW! Charlie Noble Mens Luxury Leather Bag, Hand Made in London.


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NEW! Charlie Noble Mens Luxury Leather Multi purpose Bag, Hand Made in the uk.

“The Charlie Noble” 

Hand Made Premium Leather Bag



“The Charlie Noble” Mens Hand made leather bag is tanned from the most beautiful and robust Scottish Highland leather. Hand made in london by the finest uk craftsman. Supreme Quality and luxury is an absoloute standard when it comes to Charlie Noble.

The Charlie Noble bag is tanned from the most beautiful and robust Scottish Highland leather. From the Glen to the the City, the hides travel to East London where they are met by British weaved cotton that act as a backer for the leather to give the bag shape and add to an increasingly imperious strength. The leather then makes its way down to East London where it’s met by British weaved cotton that acts as a backer for the leather to give the bag shape and add to its strength. The finecraftsmen and women get to work cutting and sewing the panels of leather together with great precision from their loving fingers.


Each bag has an individual leather tag sewn into it showing its number off the production line. The tag is hand embossed, trimmed and stitched into the side of the marine fabric that lines your Charlie Noble. Used to protect yachts when they are moored up in harbour, this marine fabric is strong and durable and has a unique feel to it.

Item Description

The Charlie Noble is made from high grade Scottish leather and stitched in London. From the legends of the highlands to the chic London designers comes a bag full of tales and tradition but also modern and unique. We have done away with zips and buckles so there’s nothing fiddly but remains very secure with four very strong magnets.

We’ve numbered each bag off the production line with an elegant leather tag so you know where you come in the pecking order.

Dimensions:  42cm long, 22cm high and 26cm wide (at its widest point).

Charlie’s Philosophy

Stylish, fun and robustly British sum up the philosophy at Charlie Noble.

A mid-19th Century merchant captain, Charlie Noble was a great British eccentric, fiercely proud and ebullient. Captain Noble insisted that his crew rise early every day to polish the ship’s copper smokestack so everyone knew when Captain Noble had entered the port. It is from this rather eccentric act a nautical legend was born.

The essence of Charlie Noble’s spirit and assiduous attention to detail is reflected in our company philosophy. Our products combine a traditional charming character with a stylish contemporary twist drawing from a wealth of British craftsmanship and manufacturing knowledge.

We have curious minds when it comes to the supply chain here at Charlie Noble. We want to know where the materials come from, how the products are made and importantly who makes them. We are lucky enough to work with some incredibly resourceful and creative people and of course some are more eccentric than others.

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