Amelia Rope Award Winning “luxury” Chocolate.


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Amelia Rope – Award Winning “luxury” Chocolate.

Firstly i would like to say a big thank you for the sample of luxury chocolate that landed on our desk last week, as it happened it arrived at a most convenient time, 11 o clock, coffee time. From the presentation to the after taste it is obvious a lot of love, time, and care has gone in to creating these award winning Chocolate’s.

Amelia Rope Luxury Chocolate

Amelia Rope Luxury Chocolate

There are 3 flavours in the trio of Amelia Rope chocolate that we received.
Pale Lemon & Sea salt Edition “Award Winning”
40% Cocoa – Ecuador – Single Origin

Dark Ginger Edition 01 “Award Winning”
69% Cocoa – Madagascar – Single Origin

White Edition 02
White Chocolate & Maldon Sea Salt

All The Chocolate’s are Hand made and Foiled in the UK, are suitable for vegetarians and Vegans

We receive quite a few samples of various products, unfortunately not all of them are up to standard or as great as we would of liked them to be, however there is no question to the high standards and quality of the Amelia Rope Chocolate brand and credit is defiantly due, its only going to be a few weeks until the christmas season begins and this would make a wonderful gift for those elusive hard to buy for family members or work colleagues you want to impress with a wise chosen and quality gift but that also at the same time doesn’t look effortless and won’t break the bank, i know i will be sending plenty to my friends and family this christmas. I especially like the lemon and sea salt one which i understand is a gold award winner, i cannot argue with that. Its one of the best chocolate’s i have tasted in a while and i have got a VERY sweet tooth.

I do suggest you spare five minutes and visit her website and browse through the sincerely delicious delights that are on offer, the chocolate we tried truly is a lovely mixture of deep flavours with a lasting after taste that will stay in your memory leaving you wanting more, a great after meal treat or coffee time talking point.

To purchase this truly amazing chocolate you can buy it online at or you can buy it from “Selfridges & Co” and a few other select retailers which you can find on Amelia’s Website. Take a look at some of her other wonderful and unique luxury chocolate selections.

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