Super Car Owners ATTENTION! Protect your licence with the Worlds Most Advanced Speed Camera Detection System


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Bossluxury Are Now working with “STINGER” The Worlds Most Advanced Speed Camera Detection System.

We all love our cars, especially our luxury & sports cars and some of them spend literally millions of pounds on them, some are even regarded as “priceless” When this is the case the only logical and sensible thing is to ensure you do not lose the most valuable and often the most expensive thing of all, your driving licence. Stinger provide you could say…

the worlds most advanced driving licence protection device

The Stinger Speed camera protection system is “The Rolls Royce of speed camera detectors” according the Fifth Gear (popular uk tv car review and advice program)

There are 3 Models in the range, The Card, The Dsi and the VIP, Below is the spec for the “Vip”

Stinger “VIP” Gps + MPHD Antenna, Spectrum & Laser Analyser.

Pro Laser Speed Camera Detectors.  “Fifth Gear” – “The Rolls Royce of Camera Detectors. Stinger manufacture the most intelligent, accurate and advanced speed trap protection system in the world today.


Stinger VIP GPS System, MPHD Anternna and Spectrum Analyser, Laser Analyser Box,
3 x Laser Heads and UK Installation On Site 

The VIP has been designed to give you longer warning distances against modern speed radars*, because that’s when it matters. Not to extend warning ranges against normal radars, as those are already more than plenty.

Modern speed radars come in a variety of polarizations. Simply put, polarization is the orientation with which a radar wave moves. Stinger’s patch technology has allowed us to equip the VIP with a unique Multi Polarity High Definition Antenna (MPHD Antenna) that has been optimized to receive all polarizations of modern speed radars.

Also, modern radars are often low power which makes them hard to discover at significant distances. Luckily, the VIP’s next generation patch antenna is capable of picking up the faintest of signals and maximizes warning distance against even the trickiest opponents.

The MPHD Antenna has been designed for world wide operation and includes X, K and Ka band frequencies.

Stinger Range Key Features

Stinger is unique, you cannot compare it to any other device you may think is similar.  This is the most advanced speed camera safety system on the world
• Stinger will alert you to speed traps twice as fast as other products available

• Stinger can detect all fixed and mobile speed camera traps – laser, radar, average speed camera and fixed speed camera traps

• Stinger is a modular package that is easily updated for future technologies
Stinger components
o Stinger GPS (Card or DSI)– Alerts for all fixed camera locations – The Stinger GPS database is updated every 2 weeks

o Stinger Spectrum Analyser – This is the same technology used by the military for fighter planes and intelligent rocket launcher systems.  It detects  mobile radar and fixed radar speed camera traps

o FACT: 75% of fixed radar cameras (GATSO) are currently inactive in the UK.  Stinger radar detection will inform you if a fixed radar camera is active or inactive

o Stinger Laser Analyser and Laser Shields – Stinger can detect the specific type of laser gun and alert you, it will then return a specific error message informing the officer that no fixed lock has been achieved on that attempt.  No other system can offer this level of protection.

o IMPORTANT: Stinger laser shield timer delay – Manually set between 3 to 9 seconds (fixed to 5 seconds on stinger Card), the Laser shield will automatically deactivate allowing traffic officers, after 1 to 2 attempts to get an accurate speed reading for the vehicle, by which time the driver has slowed to a legal speed.

o Stinger has the facility to delete all laser alert and laser shield information stored at the touch of a button.  Stinger will then become GPS based only.

Other useful features

• Mileage logging  (Stinger DSI only) – Business vs. private usage – Manage data on your PC
• Police Check – DSI records where you have driven, if you have encountered active speed traps, and what your speed has been giving evidence to appeal against incorrect speeding tickets.  See supplier website for more information
• Full product updates including system upgrades and GPS database available via the Stinger

Installation to vehicle

All units can be installed to any vehicle

No visible or ireversable changes to  vehicles will be made, the only visible part will be the control centre positioned in the drivers choice position.

Delivery – Installation.

uk – Price includes full uk installation. Installation Takes 6-8 hours. A fully Qualified Technician will deliver and personally install.


A fully Qualified Technician will deliver and personally install anywhere in the world. Additional charges and fees  apply contact

Stinger “Card” Gps + spectrum & Laser Analyser, Pro Laser Speed Camera Detector.

Stinger “DSI” Computer Gps + spectrum & Laser Analyser, Pro Laser Speed Camera Detector

Stinger “VIP” Computer Gps, MPHD Antenna + spectrum & Laser Analyser, Pro Laser Speed Camera Detector.