New Product! Luxury Bespoke Mosaic Baths now available from


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New Product! Luxury Mosaic Bath’s

Now available from

Luxurious Free Standing Chariot Bath Coverd in a pearl Mosaic exterior, The Quality that will add that luxury feel and look to any bathroom or home Designed and crafted by Chadder & Co. Made in limited Numbers, bespoke deisgns are available.

The Luxury Mother of Pearl Mosaic Bath is made with quality in mind.


If earlier pearl decorated luxury jewellery, today things have changed. Now, these “sea treasures” perfectly complement the most stunning looking baths!

The very original solution to decorate the baths in pearl mosaics was born to British designers of CHADDER & CO. As a result, simple manipulation and a bit of patience was endured to create a real work of art, which is called the «Chadder Mother of Pearl Mosaic Bath

The wizard laid out small pieces of mother of pearl in different colours and shades to countersign the basis for the purpose of decorating the surface of the bath. Characteristic shine and rainbow iridescence attract, fascinate and amaze.

This bold experiment produced by CHADDER & CO had to appear before the public in the coming 2013. The designers, Sam Chadder, craftsmen and Martin Chadder himself, the founder of the company, came to the admiration of the wonderful work done and suddenly showed this novelty, rather than waiting until the new year.

Available Options

Chadite Gold and Fossilised Mosaic Windsor bath

Chadite Mother of Pearl Mosaic Blenheim bath

Chadite Mother Of Pearl Mosaic Chariot bath

Chadite White & Silver Fossilised Mosaic Windsor bath

This Stunning New Creation can be achieved on all of Chadder & Co’s Baths and there are many different Mosaics to be chosen from.

Each Chadder Mosaic Bath is done bespoke and to order. Each bath is a one off and can be personalized to make the baths truly special and unique.

Please enquire for more information and pricing.

4-6 week Delivery for more information


About “Chadite” and why we its used instead of old Cast Iron

The Cast Iron Bath has been around for over 100 years and the look and feel of them take a lot of beating. The main drawbacks of this material are : 

Weight , The weight of and Average Roll Top Iron Bath range from 170 – 300 Kg
Delivery can also be a big problem getting the bath up stairs to the Bathroom without chipping the surface can be a nightmare.

Cold Surface, Cast Iron Draws the heat from the water leaving the water tepid and the surface cold to the touch.
Large carbon Footprint Mining the material Transporting it and high temperatures to Cast it .
A radical new look was needed to take bath design and performance to a new level.

The Challenge for Martin Chadder was to design and manufacture a range of Baths which took their heritage from the past, but their manufacturing technology from the future.
With Close links with the Yachting and Marine Industry Martin has used the Latest Developments in Marine Technology to manufacture and develop his new Products.
The Main goals of the C.C.T. (Chadder Composite Technology) program was to produce a new manufacturing process and Material which had the following qualities :

  • The look and Feel of Cast iron
  • Easy to clean , Chadite has a Teflon Coating for easy cleaning
  • Was a fraction of the Weight , but still sounded solid, Baths approx 90Kg
  • Warm to the Touch and Good thermal properties to retain the heat in the water
  • Easily transported and delivered to clients all over the world.

The result is “Chadite”, a material of the future, available today

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Items are made in the uk but we can ship worldwide.

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