Custom Nike Air Force one Swarovski Crystal – Limited Edition


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Custom luxury Mid Top 07 Nike Air Force One Trainers – Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Edition

One of the worlds most popular, classic and best selling trainers of all time “Nike Air Force One”

Bossluxury Services have taken the renound Air force One which refuses to go our of fashion/style and has embellished them with over 100 GENUINE Swarovski Crystals, on the white high top on a sunny day this gives the shoe and its wearer unmatched attention, the shine on these bad boys can be seen from the moon, how do i know? bcos they are just to sick for this planet….

This is a great summer shoe/trainer and works well with plain shorts or tapered jeans for that ultra fresh luxury look. All crystals are attached by and using a super compound adhesive insuring no loss of stones. This is very important, on top of that we only use genuine swarovski crystals, this carries a much higher cost but its the only way went diamond isnt possible, cheap crystals and cheap stones just dont do the job, there are many Bossluxury imitators out there and on ebay, but believe us when we say its all in the crystal, surely you have seen the difference in light reflection from a £1 cz ring and £500 Swarovski option im sure you will agree they are leagues apart, and so are out shoes.

We offer quite a few various luxury, custom and bespoke trainers, kicks and sneakers (depends where your from lol) we have made diamond covered trainers for clients, trainers with solid gold details, gold, plated, details, platinum tags etc. If you have a special type of trainer you love like the nike air force one or the air max 90 for example and want us to create you a one off custom pair of luxury and unqique bespoke trainers or kicks then get in touch at we have a lot of skills but we also know a lot of people, so anything is possible, even if the trainers have to travel thousands of miles around the world before hand to get to you EXACTLY what you want and require, after all you only live once and if your like me, trainers can be as important as the watch you wear.

Just before we go any further, keep your eye out for the limited edition  dark pink crystal versions available next month, they will be limited edition ad all proceeds will be going to a cancer charity, so if there not for you, make sure you get some for some one else!!

Mid Nike Air Force one inWhite with Swarovski crystals & 24ct gold tag

Nike Air Force one limited edition –  swarovski crystal and 24ct gold plated nike air force one high top trainers in all white leather & laces, be the envy of all your friends these custom nike air force ones

The Nike Air Force One is one is probably the most iconic and recognised trainer of all time, it has recently made a huge come back first released over 20 years ago it was the first nike air trainer of its kind setting a bench mark for future footwear. TheAir force one is probably the coolest and biggest selling trainer of all time! A must for any collector!

Each air force one trainer is Encrusted with up to 300 genuine swarovski crystals depending on trainer size and has 24ct gold embellished tags only 500 Pairs have been made.

About Nike Air Force one Md 07 Swarovski

When it first hit the streets in ’82, the Air Force 1 was Nike’s No.1 technical basketball boot with Air. This men’s mid cut version is a re-issue of the ’07 model and features a clean all white leather upper with a perforated toe box and velcro fastening ankle strap. There’s a large Swoosh on the upper and embroidered Nike logos on the strap, tongue and heel piece plus a metal lace jewel. No footwear collection is complete without these classic Nike high tops!

– White
– Leather Upper/Synthetic Sole
– Genuine swarovski crystals
– 24ct Gold plated name tag

Mens or womans ( childs by request )


Designed as a collection piece, but fabricated for daily use.
( we will also replace any lost stones for 3 years just incase!)

Available in Mens, womans & Childrens sizes.

5-14 days depending on combination

Prices from £149.99 we actually sell a lot of these trainers to collectors! they make a great display piece

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