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Luxury Diamond Cars

Diamond covered cars!

We all know that diamonds are one of the most expensive materials that money can buy. These precious stones have been used as pieces of decoration that are synonymous with power, wealth, beauty and elegance for hundreds, even thousands of years. Over the last decades, many different industries have started researching with different ways to apply diamonds to enhance their methods of production. Others have tried implementing diamonds to make new breakthroughs in technology. You can even sell diamonds here. Nevertheless, diamonds will remain first-and-foremost a luxurious item for years to come.

You may have already seen pictures of luxurious cars covered with diamonds and refused to believe they were nothing but a hoax. In fact, diamond covered cars have been the prized possession of countless celebrities and members of royalty. They are also loved by people with eccentric tastes and an enormous bank account.

You may be surprised to hear that many car tuning companies are now interested in modifying their vehicles by adding diamonds to enhance looks and increase value. One of the most famous tuners to offer unique designs is none other than famous Porsche tuner Gemballa. This company has always been interested in making extreme modifications to the inside and outside of their vehicles. The company is currently interested in adding another “layer” of luxuriousness to their Porsches by using expensive diamonds. However, they are doing this by using a very innovative technique: grounding up diamonds to mix it in with the paint of the car. Those that have seen the end result of this technique assure that the way the precious stones refracts light is unbelievable.

The company mentions that this is one of the most complex tasks they have ever done. A spokesperson mentioned that the biggest challenge was to grinding the diamonds into a size that’s small enough for their intended purpose, without losing any of their shiny properties. The unique finish was presented in three different shades: Pearl Diamond, Silver Diamond, and White Diamond. Of course, the cars that have been enhanced with these unique techniques won’t be accessible to anyone but those with a lot of acquisitive power. Their initial batch of diamond enhanced cars has already sparked the interested of collectors. Gemballa mentioned they were quite satisfied with how everything turned out in the end. The company is interested in exploring many other ways to use diamonds to enhance their modified vehicles.

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