BossLuxury Auctions are currently offering FREE UNLIMITED 30 DAY AUCTIONS

luxury online Auctions
luxury online Auctions

luxury online Auctions

For the whole of April BossLuxury Auctions are currently offering FREE UNLIMITED 30 DAY AUCTIONS.

You can list any luxury or designer product, car, property etc on Bossluxury luxury auctions for 30 days for free at any point through out the whole of april, no fees, no bills, no subscriptions, Just free luxury Auctions. The usual Price for a listing is £5-500 Depending o n the nature and the included promotional work by Bossluxury. We only ask that you abide by our listing rules (Standard action rules)

Bossluxury Luxury Auctions was created in 2013 after numerous requests and feedback from customers for a place to trade, exchange and sell pre owned or new “luxury” products, vehicles, properties and various other related goods. The Main idea being is that many high net worth individuals often splurge and spend vast sums on expensive goods that only get used once or twice before it is no longer needed or required with many of these items and goods still carrying a very high value that can be unlocked and put towards for useable and sought after future Purchases. We spend our lives working to afford and have the best, you should remember the hours you put in to save for that Watch you don’t wear anymore, unlock its value and treat your self to something new, or even better, invest it! Personally if i haven’t worn it, drove it or used it within a year, then the money should elsewhere or put back to work!

We have a Huge advertising campaign going live next month so we hope that Bossluxury luxury Auctions is going to be a busy place for all! The Auction is currently in Beta Mode so if you notice any problems or difficulties please get in touch at

Remember 100% free listings for 30 days in april. No feed at all!

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