De Watere Exclusive Champagne Comes With a Solid Gold Coin and 1.0ct Diamond.

De Watere Luxury champagne

De Watere Luxury champagne

Bossluxury are pleased to be working with a a number of new luxury brands in 2013, One of our most recent and promising is “De Watere” an exclusive producer of one of the worlds finest champagnes, available in Blanc and Rose the bottle alone, believe it or not comes with a 1.0ct  I.F diamond and 24ct Gold coin. The champagne is for the connoisseur who appreciates the best. A Great choice for any special occasion.

De Watère Brut Blanc Premium Champagne “Diamond Edition”

Champagne with a crisp elegance.

The Brut Blanc, a cuvée from 80% pinot noir and 20% chardonnay, optically presents itself bearing a gold, light luminescent colour. It already pleases the eye with its wonderful vivid foam composition. The connoisseur is being served the perfect combination of freshness and maturity. Nuances of cinnamon and exotic fruit elegantly support the diversity of aromas. The premium champagne distinguishes itself by its balanced and decent dosage. It serves excellently as an aperitif. However, it will also prove itself during the course ofa meal up to desert.

The History

Family history was the inspiration for the creation of this extraordinary combination. The origins of the family De Watère are just as long-reaching as those of Champagne itself. The family’s roots are said to date back to the 11th century, when an ancestor came from Normandy to British shores with William the Conqueror, where he was then recorded in the Doomsday Book in 1086. Another supposed forefather, Guillaume de la Watère, is recorded in the ‘Feet of Fines for Cambridge’ in 1245. Until the family’s branches lost touch, they had lived in Ireland and England for many centuries. Family tradition and remembrance of Guillaume have been fading over the years. Thus an idea was born to create the symbolic Champagne De Watère which adopts the shared genesis of the family and brings its history back to vivid memory.

The family’s coat of arms bears the colours silver and black. The outside of the coat is black while the inside is silver. The family’s symbol is a griffon. At first, De Watère Champagne was exclusively available to family members to celebrate their 925 year family reunion while keeping the coin as an eternal reminder of that special occasion. When friends suggested it should be made available to a broader audience, the family decided to offer De Watère to the general

About The Champagne

The champagne for the Cuvée De Watère stems from Avenay Val d’Or, a 93% Premier Cru 5km east of Aÿ in the Vallée de la Marne. The grapes used for the production of the Cuvée De Watère are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Since the vignerons are an established family with an attachment to traditions similar to the De Watères, everything in the vineyard as well as in the
caves is done by hand or using traditional machinery. The grounds are plowed employing horses instead of tractors. This reduces ground compression, enabling the grounds to store more water.

Furthermore, the roots of the vines can develop to their full potential. Moreover, virtually no pesticides are used. As an indicator of the health of the vines, roses are planted at the beginning of each row. Since they are more fragile than the vines they will show if something is not in order with the grounds some time before the vines will be affected. This gives the Champagneron time to work out an appropriate strategy.

Therefore, the champagne surpasses the criteria set for ecological wine growing. When harvest comes all grapes are being picked by hand and transported to the press on horse-drawn carriages. At the Champagneron’s the cuvée is being pressed,
an assemblage is created and stored in the caves for development. On 5 hectares, only 22,500 bottles of De Watère are being produced every year; 11,250 of each the Rosé and the Blanc. Solely 20,000 of them (evenly divided between Rosé and Blanc) are available to the market. The remaining 2,500 bottles are being held by and for the family De Watère.

De Watère Cuvée 1er Cru Brut Blanc:
The Brut Blanc optically presents itself bearing a gold, light luminescent colour. It already pleases the eye with its wonderful vivid foam composition. The connoisseur is being served the perfect combination of freshness and maturity. Nuances of cinnamon and exotic fruit elegantly support the diversity of aromas. This fine Champagne distinguishes itself by its
balanced and decent dosage. It serves excellently as an aperitif. However, it will also prove itself during the course of a meal
up to dessert. This champagne is composed of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay.

De Watere luxury champagne

De Watere luxury champagne

De Watère Brut Rose Premium Champagne “Diamond Edition”

Champagne with a Sultry Finesse.

The Brut Rosé, made from 100% pinot noir, impresses with its vivid character. The melange of rich foam composition and profound rosé colour, excellently induces the taste of fresh berries. The Rosé’s aromas are dominated by blackberries and
raspberries. The connoisseur experiences the Rosé as discreet yet fruity. Its light dosage allows for all its various aromas to unfold. Perfectly fitting as an aperitif, it will be an excellent companion for a light meal as well.

The Gold Coin

The coin is minted at one of the most renowned coin minters located in a small town in the far west of Germany. Being a
family company, traditional methods are used in combination with modern machinery. The dies for the De Watère medal are engraved and polished by hand, to ensure utmost quality and perfection. Every imperfection on the die would be visible on
the coin later. The coin’s surface is so pure after minting that a jeweler’s polishing cloth would impurify the mirror-like background areas.
Each coin is placed into the machine by hand where it is then embossed twice to ensure a perfect impression. After minting, the coin receives its individual number, ensuring its authenticity. This number is recorded in the respective section of the specifications card every customer receives with each bottle.

Unusual for gold coins of modern days is the use of 24 carat gold. The gold is so soft, so delicate and so immaculately finished that a touch of a human hair can result in scratching. The coin’s specifications:
Weight: 1oz 999 Gold
Diameter: 30mm
Gauge: ca 2.5mm
A 6.5mm hole in the middle to accommodate the diamond.

The Diamond

The brilliant round cut diamonds used at De Watère vary between 0.99 and 1.01 carat. On average, they are 6.5mm in diameter. They are contracted from Tel Aviv, Antwerp and New York to be set in the middle of the coin; of course by hand. Each diamond carries a certificate to ensure the customer of its specifications and quality. The certificate / report number is also registered on the card every customer receives with each bottle from De Watère.

The diamond’s specifications:

Carat: 0.99 – 1.01
Clarity: IF/FL
Colour: D
Cut: excellent
Fluorescence: as little as possible
The finished coin is then bedded in a transparent case which is set in the hollow at the bottom of the champagne bottle. There, it is best protected for shipment and storage and gives the customer the opportunity of choosing to whom and when to show it.


The Front of the Coin
The Diamond – The Diamond stands for the solidarity in the family and amongst friends. The purer the solidarity is, the stronger is the bond between the members. If solidarity is indestructible and pure, it is just as rare and as precious as
a perfect diamond. The perfect solidarity is being symbolized by a perfectly cut and perfectly clear round diamond. The Gold – Gold is everlasting. Even after thousands of years a piece of gold jewelry is just as shiny as on the day it was made. Just like families and friends. People may forget about their loved ones. Yet, once remembered, the origin and the memories are as beautiful as ever.

The Griffons – In heraldry, griffons symbolize strength and protection. Apart from adapting it from the family crest, this mythical
creature offers the advantage of a suitable symbol for holding the diamond between the two of them. They are made of gold to be the everlasting protectors of solidarity

The Back of the Coin
The Corona – The corona, originating from the diamond of solidarity, stands for the creative power within every person. However, creative power knows no purpose. Without guidance, it does not yield benefit. The Laurel Wreath – The laurel wreath symbolizes a set of rules, a guidance for the creative power and channels it upwards, where it is open to allow the power to create good rather than evil.

The Presentation

The case for the bottle is handmade in Bavaria, Germany. It is made from solid wood, which is hand finished, inside and out, in satin gold. The De Watère emblem is printed in bright gold on the lid. A lock secures the precious bottle and coin inside, where the bottle rests on a cushion covered in silk, to add protection to the bottle and its precious extra. Before shipment, the specification card are added and the case is locked. The case is then wrapped in gold foil. This hard-to-penetrate wrapping adds protection to the finish and the wood. The wrapping is secured by a gold hand-woven braid. This braid is then sealed with the De Watère seal. In this seal, the key to the lock is fixed, ensuring the customer that the case has not been opened since it left De Watère.

Customers can choose to receive their bottle in an unfinished, simple wooden case. This case is also the standard case for our Co500 Edition. Since it does not have a lock it is intended for storage of the bottle once the coin has been removed.
Not having a lock and not being finished, it allows the surrounding air to flow freely and keep the cork in the bottle well humidified. These boxes are mainly intended for collectors and partners in gastronomy. Naturally, this box is being sealed shut prior to shipment as well

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