Earn Money On twitter. Well pay you for promoting Bossluxury! sound good?



Earn Money On twitter!. Well pay you for promoting Bossluxury on twitter! sound good?

To cut a long story short, Bossluxury are looking for people with spare time, or people with a know how to gain fans and followers on twitter ( and or facebook ) to help us promote Bossluxury and our products.

We will pay you £5 for every 1000 followers you get. We will also pay you £5 for every 1000 tweets you post or retweet of ours ( including links to our blog, facebook, store, etc )

On top of this is you open an affiliate account with us you will receive a custom link that you can put at the end of every tweet, this link will allow us to track who is sending us the most traffic and which of that traffic is then converting in to sales, if you send us a paying customer through your affiliate link you will instantly get 10% of the sale. An affiliate in january earned £6000 through commision. ( just to give you an example of what can be done if you think outside the box in ways to get people to our site ) you never know you could send us that one millionaire that could be on a spending spree and really make your day in commission!

its very simple to set up, and you are under no obligation. we pay out every time you earn £50 via cheque.

To Summarise what needs to be done to get going

1 create a twitter account ( or change the name of one you already own )
2 email us and well tell you what to change the name to e.g @bossluxurycom1
3 start trying to gain followers by speaking to people, following other people, posting links to our site and retweeting us etc etc.

Thats the first bit, as we said well then pay you £5 for every 1000 followers you gain and £5 for every  1000 tweets you post related to us and our business.

If you also want to earn 10-20% of the sale of every paying customer you send to bossluxury on top of the mentioned then….

1 click here and create an affiliate account.
2 fill in the simple form and you will get an affiliate code ( save this code, copy and paste it somewhere )
3  put this code at the end of every tweet or post you do and or in your twitter home page ( this link takes people to our site and allows us to know who sent us the traffic, there for knowing which affilliate to pay commision to )
4  thats it…. work hard… get paid!

for more information on earning money on twitter or facebook or throgh your own website please contact info@bossluxury.com