Mirage Luxury home drinks bar


luxury home bar

Stunning luxury home bar for the modern home

It’s all well and good owning your own home bar, but there will always be that line between any old home bar and something that you would only find in a professional bar. Now that line has been crossed as we offer you The Mirage Home Bar!

With this illuminated beauty situated at the head of your games room your guests will have to see it to believe it! Is it really your old back room, or have they accidentally wandered into the latest trendy bar?

This stainless steel bar comes with a neat brushed finish, and has 2 translucent blue acrylic panels on the front. These panels are illuminated by the hidden blue under-lighting giving off a comforting light source for your long evenings!

At the back is a deep shelf, perfect for keeping all your cocktail equipment and bar accessories. If you have spent the past few years gathering various bar bits and pieces and have just been stuffing them in a drinks cabinet, now you can let them breathe in this professional style home bar!

Just place a couple of bar stools in front of the bar, get a couple of mates over and who knows, this could be your first step onto the ladder of bar ownership!

Please note: This item is manufactured to order. Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for delivery.

Overall: H 1000mm W 1200mm D 505mm
Bar Top: W 1200mm D 505mm
Base: W 940mm D 345mm
Foot Bar: W 1000mm
Shelf: W 840mm D 260mm

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