Luxury 3 set cinema seat combo


luxury leather cinema seats

Home Cinema Seats for home use from Oscar.

Work Like a boss? then you need to relax like a boss with this luxurious 3 chair combo reclining cinema seat set.

For many people out there film is a huge and important part of their lives. Through them we can live vicariously and experience things we could only dream of. The only problem with cinemas these days is the children that talk during the movie, the guy that laughs manically at the most inappropriate times and the one bad egg who always forgets to turn their phone off.

Think of the bonuses of having your own home cinema, no queues, no tickets, no over priced snacks and there will never be a bad film on the screen. What could possibly be better?

Don’t let others stop you from enjoying the films any longer, with the Oscar Home Cinema Seating. Create your very own home theatre using these extremely comfortable and luxurious seats.

Available in a three seater version or a single seater version, each comes with a beverage cooler/warmer, motorized wall-a-way incliner, spring cell core, storage box, anti slip footrest and massage system.

The three seater version is set up like your usual cinema seats with the central chair sharing the middle armrests but are much more comfortable and motorized wall-a-way incliner system which gives you the ability to adjust the back and foot rests to suit your needs.

The massage system features 10 vibrators with 3 programmes and lumbar heating capabilities.

Please Note: Please allow 100mm minimum distance from wall for incliner

Single Chair: H 1060mm W 910mm D 830mm
3 Seater Oscar: H 1060mm W 2650mm D 830mm

Product Features
• Single or three seater version
• Motorized wall-a-way incliner
• Beverage cooler/warmer system
• Anti slip footrest
• Storage boxes
• Spring cell core
• Massage and lumbar heating system
• Scotchguarded for protection

Please Note: The Oscar Cinema Seats are also available in other colours as shown in the images above and listed in the table below.

We do not keep these items in stock but will order them for you. Sp please contact us direct before placing your order and we will advise you of the lead time.

Various finishes are available as follows: also available individually by request!

– Cream
– Beige
– Light Brown
– Brown
– Black
– Cream
– Grey
– Black
– Red

Work like a boss, live like a Boss