24ct gold plated playstation 3 – Playstation for the Boss.


24ct gold playstation 3


Do you like to think your a playstation boss? then this is definately for you, limited edition 24ct gold plated playstation 3

24ct. Gold Playstation 3 slim (320gb)  (Limited Edition)

The sony playstation 3 is the undisputed king of games consoles, its an absoloute must have games console for any gaming enthusiast! The staff at Bossluxury all own sony playstation 3’s the game play, graphics and performance are unmatched!

 We cannot recommend sony playstation’s enough, not only is the playstation 3 the ultimate games con!sole, but this is the tuleimate edition of the worlds best console, available in 24ct gold, white gold, rose gold & platinum

We have taken this years must have games console and engineered it in to a 24.ct gold master piece. Our finish and and end product is un matched in the industry, Our highly trained staff use only the highest grade gold when engineering our products to ensure only the highest quality products leave our showroom.

This Limited Edition Gold sony playstation 3 “slim” is available to purchase online now! These make excellent gifts for:

Loved ones
birhday & christmas
Graduation gifts
University gifts
Corporate gifts
Company incentives

This is without a doubt this the most powerfull games console to hit the market from from sony since the playstation  2 and psp. The complete  topcasing is plated in genuine 24ct. gold.

It comes with a certificate of authenticaty stating that all materials used are genuine 24ct gold. There is a one year warranty on the playstation and a life time warranty on the finish.

About the Sony Playstation 3 “slim” 320gb

Calling all gaming gurus, the new PlayStation 3 slim 320gb has arrived!

Featuring WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth and HDMI connections to name a few, PS3 Consoles are guaranteed to deliver superior levels of interactivity during multiplayer and online gaming.

Not only can you immerse yourself in stunning High Definition gaming but movie watching too, thanks to the PlayStations 3’s built-in Blu-ray Player. What’s more, this slim, light, cool operator has support for 7.1 channel surround sound, so prepare to be deafened! Want a HDMI Cable for connecting your PlayStation 3 to your TV? Need more Wireless Controllers?  Check out our PlayStation 3 Accessories where you’ll find all this and loads more!

Needless to say, PC World stock all the best PS3 Games; games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Guitar Hero, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and hundreds more.

What’s included In the box

24ct gold plated sony ps3 “slim” 320gb
1 x controller
Cables mains
– Documentation
-12 months warranty on the item & the gold finish
– Certificate of Authenticity
Items can be gift wrapped for a £5 fee


Ships within 7-14 working days of purchase.

Work like a Boss, Play like a Boss.