24ct Gold Apple iPhone 4s Elite – Luxury Mobile Phone


24ct Gold apple iphone 4s Elite

Love Luxury? Love the Apple iPhone? Then you will love this apple iphone 4s elite by bossluxury. I have personally owned hundreds of mobile phones and am a bit of a mobile phone freak, the iphone is with out doubt my favourite all time phone, if you haven’t ever owned an iphone i cannot recommend them enough, especially if you are in business, mine is invaluable at keeping me updated.

The iphone 4s elite is embellished in 24ct Gold, The entire bezel, buttons and rear facia are plated in only the finest 24ct gold, the look and finish of the phone is perfection, the gold finish stands out a mile and screams luxury, i am lucky enough to own one of these due to working at Bossluxury, and obviously had and have the option to choose any of the phones they have, and i do not want to change! i would not trade it for the world, The photos do not do it justice. The Phone its self comes with the usual apple warranty and a lifetime warranty on the gold finish its self, The phone its self considering its covered in real gold starts at a pretty reasonable £999.99 if you work hard and like apple iphones, then trust me, this is the phone for you!

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